AI expert Charlie Beckett: “Google may no longer be the great power we thought it was“

Charlie Beckett is professor of journalism and director of the international JournalismAI Project. In this interview, he talks about the challenges by AI for the media industry.

Axel Springers‘ Upday lays off a third of its staff 

Upday is one of the international success stories of German media group Axel Springer. In cooperation with tech giant Samsung, the news aggregator has expanded into 34 markets in recent years. Now, a large part of the staff has to go. It is the second job cut in a short time. 

#MeToo moment: Ex-mistress of Bild chief Reichelt sues Axel Springer for damages

According to information from Medieninsider, a former mistress of Bild's ex-editor-in-chief Julian Reichelt, who also testified against him during the internal investigation, has filed a lawsuit for damages. The lawsuit was filed in a U.S. court.

Jay Rosen about misunderstandings in journalism

The journalism professor on Misunderstandings about Stances, demands for diversity and the slow pace of change in journalism

The moral dilemma of paywalls: Why journalism will increasingly move into two different worlds

Journalism will only survive if it continues to commercialise. This also means: private media will neglect certain target groups. This underlines the need for two worlds.

„You can’t be productive in the bomb shelter“ 

Daryna Shevchenko runs The Kyiv Independent while fleeing the bombed capital. The online medium is known worldwide, yet it has only been around for four months. To Medieninsider, the CEO explains how journalism works during wartime.

„There is no ‘willingness to pay’ in journalism“ – Florian Bauer on pricing strategies

Pricing expert Florian Bauer talks in this interview about the pricing and design of digital journalism.

Axel Springer CEO Mathias Doepfner: “It’s all a big bunch of crap”

The internal crisis communication at Axel Springer moves to the next round: Medieninsider summarises the most important statements from the Q&A.

After more details from compliance investigations came out: Springer’s CEO Mathias Doepfner apologizes to employees and those affected

Mathias Döpfner has once again spoken to the staff of Bild. For the first time, he truly apologised to employees and those affected by Julian Reichelt's misconduct.

Alan Rusbridger about the culture wars in journalism

Alan Rusbridger talks in an interview with Alexandra Borchardt about the role of the media in a polarised society, climate journalism and the danger of alienating young people.

“Unheard-of” billion-dollar deal: Why the Politicoacquisition is worthwhile for Axel Springer

Axel Springer will probably spend one billion US dollars to buy Politico. For Mathias Döpfner, it is more than an investment in journalism.

Paid Strategy of Business Insider in Germany

In this interview, the editors-in-chief and managing directors talk about what it's like to bring two media brands together at this special time, what they do for the mood in their newsrooms and they reveal what their next big project is for 2021.

The paid content strategy of Scandinavian media company Schibsted

Schibsted has set itself the ambitious goal of earning a turnover of 100 million euros through paid content by the end of 2020. Tor Jacobsen talks about the strategy of the Scandinavian media group in an interview.